RIWE RIWE Regional Institute of Water Education

“Water Institute” is a major research institute for multi-disciplinary water research. Faculty members from various schools and departments in the University of Tehran, work together to find innovative solutions for complicated water issues. RIWE students can get involved in the research projects and ongoing activities in the “Water Institute” of the University of Tehran. Further information on the institute and its activities can be found in http://watinst.ut.ac.ir.

University of Tehran is host to 5 UNESCO Chairs two of which are related to RIWE Activities. “UNESCO-Chair on Water Reuse (UCWR)”. Activities of this chair are closely related to the “Water Services Management” thematic profile and students of RIWE who choose to follow this profile, may get involved in the UCWR activities. Dr. Mohammad Hossein Sarrafzadeh, the chair holder, is among the Faculty members working with RIWE. UCWR aims at changing approach toward unconventional water resources and water reuse and recovery. The main objective of UNESCO Chair on Water Reuse is to enhance the place of Islamic Republic of Iran in global water communities through providing appropriate solutions to research, cultural and educational development in water reuse and facilitating cooperation between scientific centers and international distinguished researchers in UNESCO water family and industry as well. Further information on the chair can be found in http://ucwr.ut.ac.ir.

“UNESCO Chair on Engineering Education (UCEE)” is another UNESCO chair, which collaborates with all engineering schools and departments in the University of Tehran including RIWE. This chair was founded formally on April 26, 2014 in a ceremony in the presence of Ms. Irina Bokova, UNESCO Director General, and president of University of Tehran. Professor Hossein Memarian is currently the chair holder. UCEE has mainly focused its activities on three areas of future-studies, assessment, and national and international cooperation. Further information about this chair and its activities can be found in http://www.ucee.ut.ac.ir. Dr. Banafsheh Zahraie is a member of the Strategic Council of UCEE.