RIWE RIWE Regional Institute of Water Education

Alireza Bazargan

Assistant Professor, Environmental Engineering Group
Civil Engineering Department, K.N. Toosi University of Technology


Date of Birth: 1985
Place of Birth: Tehran, Iran
Nationality: Iranian


1) Ph.D,, Chemical Engineering, 2011-2015, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Research Attachment at the University of Cambridge, UK)
2) M.Sc., Project Management in Environmental and Energy Engineering, 2009-2010, Ecole des Mines de Nantes, France (completed every single credit with honors)
3) B.Sc., Chemical Engineering, Sharif University of Technology, Iran (was ranked in the top 2% in the national entrance exam), 2003-2008.


• 2017: winner of the Kazemi Ashtiani prize, awarded to outstanding researchers ($6,000 USD appx.)
• 2015: granted membership in the National Elites Foundation, only for academically exceptional Iranians
• 2015: International Young Waste Researcher Award, from ICSWHK 2015 ($2,000 USD)
• 2014: Overseas research attachment scholarship at the University of Cambridge ($6,000 USD appx.)
• 2012-2014: HKUST School of Engineering Fellowship ($10,000 USD appx.)
• 2011-2014: PGRS scholarship ($90,000 USD appx.)
• 2010: HKUST visiting researcher scholarship ($7,000 USD appx.)
• 2009-2010: TOTAL Scholarship ($50,000 USD appx.)
• 2007-2009: Top Instructor award for teaching TOEFL and IELTS English courses at Sharif University of Technology
• 2007: IAESTE / DAAD Scholarship Germany ($3,500 USD appx.)
• 2006: Best paper and best presentation awards at the 2nd Iranian National Congress on Chemistry and Industry
• 2001: Gold medal winner and Pacific Institute of Mathematical Sciences Award at the Greater Vancouver Regional Science Fair


• R&D Manager and Business Development Advisor, 2015-Present.
• Noor Vijeh Company (Iran’s market leader in PPP reverse osmosis desalination, www.nvco.org) Tehran, Iran
• R&D responsibilities: development of limestone contactors (pilot scale) for water remineralization assessment of dissolved air flotation (pilot scale) as an option for SWRO pretreatment development of a CIP regime for alleviation of composite fouling on RO membranes chemical regeneration of spent activated carbon assessment of various recycling/treatment options for used reverse osmosis membranes
• Business development responsibilities: helping top management locate, establish, define and develop business relationships. Most notably a landmark
• partnership agreement with Safbon Inc. Shanghai (www.safbon.com), potentially worth $30 million USD (appx.)
• planning, preparing, and presenting the company profile to potential partners negotiations and MOU preparations; tenders and bid preparations overseeing the development of marketing literature conducting recruitment interviews (occasionally)
• Interpreter, 2007-Present: Simultaneous translator/interpreter at high-profile events, most notably at the ministerial level at the ECO ombudsmen summit in 2009; and at the ministerial level at the first international conference on virtual water, organized by Iran’s Chamber of Commerce, 2017.
• Project Manager, 2014: FarPAM (www.farpam.com), Tehran, Iran
• surveying and evaluating biomass resources within Iran's various provinces for implementing Iran's first biomass gasification plant
• conducting an economic evaluation (pre-feasibility study and sensitivity analysis)
• holding meetings with executives and stakeholders, regarding the implementation of the project exclusive representative of Peako Biomass Ltd. in Iran for modular biomass gasification units (June 30, 2017 expiry) evaluating other waste-to-energy projects, particularly concerning hospital waste incineration
• Freelance Journalist, TV Host, Media Contributor, 2007-2014, Contributed dozens of articles to various prominent news agencies. Part of several documentary film making teams. Responsible for a complete overhaul of PRESSTV's website for the documentary division etc. Co-host of Hemaseh (IRIB Channel 1) and Raz (IRIB Channel 4).
• Founder of Shaksh and Dardodel, 2005-2014, Two online start-up projects.
• Shakhs offered online psychometric analyses and Dardodel is a mini-social network based on anonymous conversations
• Senior Civil Engineer, H.I.E.E. Consulting Engineers, Tehran, Iran, 1996-2000.


• Renewable energy desalination
• Water treatment
• Greywater treatment
• Recycling and extraction of valuable materials from wastes
• Waste to energy


- Books and Book Chapters

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- Journal Publications

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• Introduction to Environmental Engineering
• Water Treatment
• Wastewater Treatment
• Desalination
• Water Reuse
• Solid Waste Management
• Waste Processing and Recycling
• Sustainable Development and Design
• Renewable Energy
• Environmental Management and Impact Assessment